July 10, 2014

Dating on a Budget

Hello my darlings, I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine today and manage to avoid the dreaded brit sunburn. I've got a new man in my life and so dating is once again part of my weekly routine. I know dating can be expensive and sometimes weather restricting, so I decided to share with you some of my ideas for impromptu dates that don't cost the earth for both rainy days and delicious days like the one we have been blessed with today. 

Without further ado, here are my top 3 date ideas for June 2014.

Scenario: Its a Saturday, the sun is shining and you're stuck for what to do. You can't afford to fork out for tickets to Thorpe Park but you don't want to spend the day in a pub garden. 

Solution: Exercise! I live close to Bradford upon Avon, which is a beautiful little town in Wiltshire. They offer bike rentals at £15 per adult for a whole day out on the Towpath Trail. If you prefer water, why not rent a canoe for £10 per hour of £40 for the day? You're bound to find yourself in fits of giggles with these activities. 

Image credits: greyfieldfarm.net & greyfieldfarm.com

Scenario: Its Friday evening, its a little chilly out but you don't want to spend the night in front of the TV. 

Solution: The great cook off! Set yourselves a budget and challenge each other to create a main meal (and or desert and starter). Judge each other on flavour and creative flair. The winner gets a pre-agreed prize - you don't need me to help with this I'm sure. 

Image credits: lifed.com & irfoods.net

Scenario: It's the weekend, you can't afford to jet off to Europe but you're itching to get away from home. 

Solution: Camping! I recently went to Newquay with my boyfriend and a couple of friends and it surprised me how much fun it was! Newquay was hosting polo on the beach with a DJ and refreshments (free entry) but we were too busy fascinated by the copious amounts of jellyfish on the shore. We sat and watched the sunset on a picnic rug with our own refreshments then went back to the campsite for the evening where we cooked hotdogs and sang kumbaya around the disposable BBQ (just kidding we didn't sing kumbaya... it was more Carly Rae Jepsen)

A pitch at the Watergatebay Touring Park in Newquay fits two four- man tents and costs only £7 per adult. Facilities include showers, toilets, electricity, a swimming pool, bar and local shop. This park is a 20 minute walk to the local beach and pubs. What more could you need?

Image credits: intocornwall.com & coolcamping

What do you think? Do you have any ideas for purse friendly dates?

June 01, 2014

Gym Diary of a Nike Hoarder

Hello my darlings.
I've just started a new job (hurrah) but it is 40 minutes away from where I live... and from my local gym. So I started looking around at gyms in Swindon and have narrowed it down to two:

1. Kiss Gyms
2. 24 Hour Gym

They both seem to be quite weights focused, which is great for me as I'm looking to sculpt and tone. I'm not huge on running, nor swimming, and with there being no pool, the membership prices are much lower (thank god). 

I went on the hunt for some new gym gear today and came across this lovely lot. I love Nike, I can't help it, I just do! The trainers (1,2 & 3) are all grabbed from ASOS who are currently running a 20% off everything promotion with code EPIC20, the rest are from the NIKE website itself. 

So, what do you think? What would you go for? I need some help deciding!!! 


1. Nike Free 4.0 Grey Flyknit Trainers
Knitted upper with breathable mesh panels
Signature swoosh logo
Shaped and ribbed cuffs
Lightweight cushioned sole
Waffle outsole for greater traction

2. Nike Free OG Breeze Yellow Trainers
Free OG trainers by Nike
Lightweight mesh upper
Secure lace front fastening
Signature swoosh logo
Shaped and padded collar
Heel pull tab
Cushioned, flexible sole
Traction grip tread

3. Nike Orange Faded Rosherun Print Trainers

Roshe Run trainers by Nike
A breathable mesh upper
Lightweight cushioned sole
Cushioned cuff for comfort
Lightweight waffle tread outsole for greater traction

4. NIKE Sculpt Women's Training Tights

5. NIKE Pro Core 7.5cm Compression Women's Shorts

6. NIKE Pro Elite Knit Women's Tank Top

7. NIKE Elastika 2.0 Women's Training Tank Top

8. NIKE Element Women's Running Hoodie

April 19, 2014

My Go-to Hair Products - Wavy & Straight Stylin'

I am a slave to hair products, be it oil, spritz or heat protector - but I swear by each and every one I use and can see proof that they do improve the condition and style capability of my hair. 

I only use shampoo when washing my hair (screams of horror) - now I know some can't get away with this and would battle for hours with their tangled mane should they not use conditioner - but - for myself my hair tends to last longer without the dreaded grease skulking in if I avoid conditioner. Instead, I will use moroccan oil on the mid -length and ends of my hair 2-3 times per week. I was introduced to moroccan oil a few years ago and really stand by it as a miracle product so if you are a sufferer of dry, damaged hair, reach for some oil. It doesn't have to be the expensive stuff - most drug stores do own brand versions which are just as good!

Once I've applied the oil I will spritz my hair, including a little on the roots of VO5's heat protectant spray which, above all else, smells gorgeous! I then use my trusty tangle teaser to brush my hair out of its towel contained nest. 

We will get to the drying part I promise, but first I either rub a pea sized amount of Bumble & Bumble Texture creme into my roots or spritz in some Bed Head Superstar, Queen for a Day thickening spray (which also smells fantastico!) to give my roots a little lift. This is heat activating so when you do blow dry your hair *I do this now* you will notice your hair drys with more oomph. 

I'm not sure if you are interested in how I dry my hair but just in case you are... I dry the top, holding sections to rough dry then I turn my head upside down and blow dry the roots this way (helping with the oomph) and onto the ends also. One more blast with head the right way up and hey presto. 

Now for styling. Below are two examples of my general hairstyle (apologies for the snapchat pic - I clearly did not wake up like that! Beyonce humour never fails amongst my friends). On the left is the curled style, for which I use a barrel curler as a wand (instead of clipping the hair under the handle as this always leaves me with an awful curl dent). I separate into sections and backcomb each part at the roots, spraying on Bed Head Masterpiece hairspray to keep the backcomb in place. This just creates more overall volume - in case you hadn't noticed, I suffer from flat hair blues. I do this all over then finish by spraying Bed Head Spoil Me hair smoother/hairspray onto my tangle teaser and brushing through the curls to make them looser and more delicate. 

For the straight look (right) I do exactly the same but instead of curling, I use GHD's to straighten my mane - again finishing with a brush through of the Spoil Me smoothing spray/hairspray. 

If you would like to see anything else specific from me, such as a make up regime or hair tutorial, please let me know in the comments below. 

April 17, 2014

Best of ASOS April

I feel as though I haven't done a 'favourites' type post in a little while and my shopping habit is slipping!  I had a 'happy Easter holidays' ASOS browse this evening and compiled a list of things that, if I had the money, I would buy! Here we go...

Happy Jackson Fridge Jotter/Pencil Futile Attempt £6
I am a sucker for stationary and I am a list geek so a fridge magnet list book is heaven.
Benefit Erase Paste £19.50
This is amazing. I've had one too many late nights this lifetime and this really covers those dark circles. The best cover up paste i've ever used, hands down.
Flamingo Candles Pink Lemonade Classic Jar Candle 400g £12
Candles, candles, candles. One way to create a relaxing state of mind tends to be with the aid of a candle...or four. This one is pink and is named pink lemonade... ummm yes please!
ASOS French Bulldog Ankle Socks £4
I don't think its a secret that I am a little obsessed with french bulldogs. Now I could have two looking at me all day.
Native Rose Shift Dress in Lace Cutwork £58
Fairytales and flower headbands... sums this up I think, don't you? Gorgeous
ASOS Scuba Pencil Skirt In Palm Print £8
ASOS Crop Top in Scuba with Cut Away in Palm Tree Print £22
LA anyone? Palm trees, cute outfit, all set
Happy Jackson Lunch Box Salad Nuts £8
This is me. Salad nuts and fruit. Just kidding...crisps, cakes and chocolate. 

April 13, 2014

Pinterest Pastels

So pastel hair is a 'thing' now. Cara Delevigne has rocked it with pink/purple and us ordinary folk have followed suit. I'm a huge fan of artistic expression but I'm not sure I could walk into my office with purple hair and my head held high. It's just not appropriate. If I were a makeup artist/photographer it might be a different story however. I absolutely adore the multi tonal look (blue/pink/orange above) - there's something very fairy-esq about it that interests me. I bought two colours from BLEACH LONDON a while ago...maybe one day I'll give it a go!

 Have you taken the plunge and gone pastel? If so, place a link to a picture/blog post in the comments box below - we want to see! 

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